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What Drives Us

We are passionate about product design and development, and our experience is in the field of office or contract furniture. We have organized a network of extraordinary professionals who partner with us and our clients to provide world class product design, development engineering and China sourcing.

We seek partners, not customers or suppliers. We believe successful partnership relationships have high impact, increase productivity, improve profitability and, in other words, add value to all partners.

We value fairness and mutual respect in all our dealings with our partners and we strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical and legal business practices.

We are zealous about the application of Lean Manufacturing (the Toyota Production System) to the made-to-order world of the office/contract furniture industry. We strongly believe that the best and most profitable manufacturing companies, long term, will be those who do the best job of adopting the TPS principles and philosophies.

We believe in developing products and services that are simple, “Lean,” clear and synchronized to our partners’ business processes.

We embrace the technologies that streamline and enable the “Global Economy.” We respect the cultural and social differences that make the global economy difficult to master. We seek to assist our partners in their efforts to capitalize on the opportunities offered both to and from low cost markets. We like to think of ourselves as catalysts.