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The Company

Beck+Partners is a Texas based company with Partners in North America, Europe and Asia. We operate primarily in the non-residential furniture industry providing:

  • General Management Consulting
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Process assessment and improvement
    • Market planning and execution
    • Product and competition research
    • Assisting Senior Management with Lean Manufacturing Initiatives
  • Product design
  • New product engineering and product development
  • China, Viet Nam and Europe based manufacturing
    • OEM components
    • Sub-assemblies
    • Fully assembled products in a box

Our name, Beck and Partners, refers to our belief that partnering is the enlightened way to maximize effectiveness in today’s business world. Our founding partnership relationships are with our Design partners. We represent a small number of highly talented, successful designers who specialize in furniture design, although they all have designed numerous other product types. Our collaboration provides our clients access to world class design expertise and capability without the need to recruit, train and retain that talent themselves.

Our primary North American partnership for Engineering and Product Development is with a firm specializing in furniture but broadly experienced across industries. They provide state of the art CAD technology, advanced prototyping, excellent upstream supplier relationships, vast knowledge of materials and ongoing collaboration with engineering, tool making and manufacturing interests in China. We also partner with a European company offering complete engineering, prototyping, development Engineering, tool making and parts manufacturing in Italy and Viet Nam.

Our international partnership system is enabled by the internet. It has made distance irrelevant and technology has allowed us to produce drawings quickly and transfer them instantaneously. On the other hand, while jets are slower, they are often required. We do believe in “face time.” In fact we believe the most important key to our fast-track success is our method of collaboration and teamwork combined with very tight project management and control.