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Product Design

Our Design Partners are all highly recognized furniture designers with track records and established reputations; Beck and Partners works with our manufacturing clients to choose the designer with the best fit for the specific project.

Market Research

A good foundation of market research and analysis increases new product effectiveness by establishing the smartest possible product, price and performance targets from the outset.

Starting with our client’s capabilities and building from there, Beck and Partners can help navigate the challenges of market research by providing the tools and training needed for them to implement successful research and analysis. Or if preferred, Beck and Partners can simply do the research and generate the appropriate reports. We provide:

  • Research and analysis of the competition
  • User observation and interviews
  • Ergonomic studies
  • Focus groups
  • Training for all of the above

Our overall goal is always to improve product performance through good market intelligence.

Product Engineering and development

As a complement to our Design Network, we have a flexible network of engineers located in the USA, Italy, and China whose expertise can be brought to bear as needed.

For the most part, our US and European affiliates provide CAD drawings, FEA, rapid prototyping and the building and testing of 'engineering breadboards'. Our China based engineers are typically involved with tooling design and tool making along with process and manufacturing engineering.

As a matter of strong belief, we involve our Manufacturing resources in all projects from the earliest stages of design. As an integral part of the design teams, ‘Manufacturing’ provides insights into product specifications, materials selection, and design for manufacture. This helps ensure that the passage from design intent to a product in a box is a smooth one.

Regardless of the level of sophistication of our clients’ engineering resources, our team can complement their skills to deliver innovative, well engineered products of outstanding quality.


Through our dedicated partners we deliver technically sophisticated, cost-effective tooling design and tool making in China. Our goal is to find the tooling approach that delivers the best combination of cost, speed, quality and reliability required by a project.

Asia-based manufacturing

If you are interested in outsourcing manufacturing entirely, we can handle production of finished goods delivered right to the job site in North America. If you prefer to bring OEM parts into your existing manufacturing facilities we can play any of a variety of roles in the supply of your parts from China, Viet Nam or Europe. In any scenario our passion is to make the process as ‘lean’ as possible and to deliver extraordinary results in our part of your supply chain.