Bob Beck

About Us

Beck and Partners, LLC was founded by Bob Beck in 2004. The company is based on a few simple observations:

Many companies struggle with new product development.
Most companies have a bigger appetite for new products than they have capability to research, design, engineer, start production and launch.
Partnership relationships built on trust and demonstrable value-added for all the partners are superior to the vendor/customer relationships of the past.
Many companies are looking to China for lower cost components and finished (or almost finished) goods.
Most companies are now outsourcing parts of their business that would have been unthinkable a few years ago; outsourcing is no longer a mystery.
Lean Manufacturing initiatives succeed only in the proper senior management environment with correct “Policy Deployment.”

Thinking about it in 2004, Beck believed those six observations added up to an opportunity to capitalize on his knowledge, experience and demonstrated results to help a few partner companies dramatically improve their results in the areas of new product development and China sourcing. So he set out to see if it all added up to a business. In the intervening years, based upon specific client needs the company has broadened from ‘China sourcing’ to ‘foreign sourcing’ to simply ‘sourcing’ in order to provide the leanest possible solutions.